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Universal Bakery - Irving

is an Ultimate destination for products like Cakes, Snacks, Chaats, Pizza, Juices, Lunch Combos, Breakfasts, and much more!

Universal Bakery brings all these sweet treats to make moments Special by taking part in every celebration in the lives of the people of the city.

When you think about a bakery, you reminisce about the smell of freshly baked bread, snacks, pizzas, and breakfasts. You are reminded of that blissful memory of freshness. A place where you can feel a sense of newness, and we seek to recreate this experience for you by providing freshness with a smile. Our products are baked with care keeping in mind the quality that our customers deserve. We want to create a place that provides an experience of newness. When you experience quality products from bread, Juices, or Snacks you recollect memories of happy times with your friends or your childhood. Bakery time was always a happy time and at Universal Bakery we want to offer you that happy time.

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